Food is the theme this week, or more specifically, eating food that you see advertised somewhere. Now, I want to establish that this is meant to be a fun challenge all about trying new things. Foods that pique your taste buds in some way, as opposed to giving us carte blanche to eat junk food for 21 days!

You might see a recipe on TV, in a magazine or on social media, or it might be a more indulgent, treat food that appeals. Obviously, use your own judgement on when you decide to have treat foods and remember, balance is key. Another idea might be to buy something new to try every time you’re in the supermarket. Think of this challenge as being all about bringing novelty into your day and potentially, better nutrition. By the way, if you don’t follow Feel Good Foodie on Instagram, you should! Her recipes are both healthy and delicious!

Here are my 4 Challenge Commandments:

  1. Follow your curiosity
  2. Go with your cravings
  3. Listen to what your body needs and honour it
  4. Have fun and experiment!

See you back here, as always, in 21 days from now!

Gill x

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