This week I invite you to follow a skincare routine with me. Now, I don’t know about you but as well intentioned as I try to be, I can’t seem to stay consistent with my routine. There has been many a night I’ve ‘forgotten’ to take off my make-up and many a morning I’ve slathered my face in moisturiser without having cleansed at all before hot-footing it out of the door. (Ye Gods of Personal Grooming, forgive me for my sins!) You’d think that at my age (43) and being a devotee of the great, beauty goddess herself, Sali Hughes that I’d have my shit together by now. Alas, nay. It would appear that my attitude to skin care has stayed stuck in my teenage years (wet wipes for the win!)

Therefore, I thought my poor, neglected visage was in need of a much-needed pampering and nourishment to see just how much it might improve over the next few weeks. For the next 21 days the gospel will read like this:

  • Thou shalt drink at least 8 glasses of water a day;
  • Thou shalt take thine daily multivitamin;
  • Thou shalt eat foods which nourish thine skin such as fish, nuts, olives, fruit and veg;
  • Thou shalt follow a facial skin care routine morning and night, including the wearing of sunscreen EVERY DAY;
  • Thou shalt moisturise from top to toe after a bath or shower.


Yummy Elemis goodies

The products that I’ll be using will be by Elemis as they are my favourite, cruelty-free beauty brand and plus their products smell divine! I’m also going to be incorporating using a new, personalised treatment by Skin + Me. These new kids on the beauty block have a monthly prescription service whereby, an actual dermatologist designs a cream specifically for your skin condition. My main concerns have been the tone, large pores and my skin looking a bit grey and lacklustre. I’m lucky as I’ve inherited good genes from both parents on the ageing front and have minimal fine lines/ wrinkles, but in spite of this, I undoubtedly have sun damage due to not wearing an SPF for years. So hopefully, this wonder cream will help?! I’ll report back here with the results soon.

Meanwhile, I invite you – as always – to join me in my challenge and I’ll meet you back here for a check-in in 21 days time.

Let’s glow for it!

Gill x

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