It’s Week 5: time to feel ALIVE! Be a Green Goddess.

This next challenge will hopefully nourish us all and get our guts working more healthily. It involves swapping our morning cup of Joe for a hydrating green juice instead. Green juice has many a health benefit, provided the fruit content doesn’t outweigh the veg in it.

  1. It reduces inflammation
  2. Aides digestion
  3. Builds immunity
  4. Hydrates your body
  5. Improves energy levels
  6. Makes your skin glow 🙂

What’s there not to love about all of that?!

I’ve decided to take the challenge a step further by also substituting my usual coffees throughout the day for green tea. The benefits of green tea have been proven for all of the above reasons to be a ‘superdrink’. Not only is it filled to the brim with antioxidants, but it can also help guard against cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Oh, and it’s amazing for your waist line if you’re trying to lose a bit of the bloat.

I’m definitely up for this one (in spite of it falling during my summer holiday!) Who else is up for giving this the green light?

See you back here soon for my verdict. In the meanwhile, do let me know how you’re getting on with any of the other challenges.

Gill x

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