Magical Sands – Oldshoremore Beach, Sutherland

For my next blog entry I would like to wheech you all the way up to my favourite part of Scotland, Sutherland and to my favourite beach, Oldshoremore (Am Meallach: the little hill, in Gaelic).

As well as being absolutely stunning, there’s just something deeply spiritual about this place. The panorama you take in from the brow of the hill leading down to it is heart-stopping, as lush golden sands and aquamarine seas come into view. Listen to the machair sing as the wind whistles through, breathe in the salty air and absolutely do swim in its clean, unspoiled waters. The place is pure poetry.

I have visited on a number of occasions and it’s always been so sunny and bright, although it is Scotland so be prepared for all weathers! I can guarantee however that you will leave it feeling restored and with a soul filled with serenity. Such is its enchantment.

Do you have a favourite beach in Scotland?

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